The Kids Built a Car

I had a ton more photos than I thought so I’m breaking this up.

We took a family trip to The Henry Ford. We all like it there. There are things that are interesting to adults and kids both.

This trip was because they have a special exhibit right now that is based on The Wizard of Oz and Maggie wanted to see it. We spent a total of 10 minutes in that exhibit. It was really for very young children, was a simple sciencey kind of thing directed at the 5 and under crowd in my opinion. It was also very loud and there were kids running wild everywhere. I don’t love that. So we went and did the things we love to d as well as something we’ve never been able to take part in before. The building of the Model T Ford.

Every night they take the car apart and the next day beginning when the museum opens they allow children to help reassemble the whole thing.

Thisis what the car looks like when the museum opens.

All the parts are around the edge of the room and they keep track of  the assembly on the black board.

Each kid gets to put on one part and then you have to go away for a bit’ They don’t let just one family do it all. So we would go by and add a piece and go back every half hour or so and add another pat. There weren’t many people in the museum that day so the kids got to do a big part of the build.

It was really fun to watch and really fun for the kids and we got to learn a lot about the Model T. Though I forgot everything already. I can tell you that after the assembly line was put in place and the man hours were reduced per car that a car cost only about 3 months salary for an average US worker. I wish cars were still that cheap!

More about our visit next time.


2 thoughts on “The Kids Built a Car”

  1. I will have to tell my Dad about this. He will love it. When he was a boy/teen, they still drove those where he lived. He probably can still remember the mechanics of it.

  2. Meg Caulmare

    Hi lovey, I’m sorry to use the blog comments to contact you, but your website wouldn’t send my message through. I can’t see photos of Chelsea’s dyed fibers, and I’m shopping to start a new project. Is it me, or is it the site? I wouldn’t be surprised at ALL if it’s me, so feel free to say so.

    Best wishes, and thanks,


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