The Luck of the Irish

It’s my year. I mean it. It’s been great. I can’t say that EVERYTHING has been going my way, but I really can’t complain.
My daughter came home after some experimental time away from home. She’s working things out and getting smart fast.
My husband still has a job despite the crappy Michigan economy.
I can still cook so that people are smiling during meals.
My husband got tickets to the Frozen Four in St Louis in the spring.
Homeschool is going well.
I’m actually losing weight at Weight Watchers this time.
AND For the biggest thing of all I won the Best New Knitting Blog category over at the Knitting Fiend Site
I’m telling you things are good. I can narrow it down to two things: (A) God loves me or (B) I found 13 four leaf clovers since spring. I even found one at the zoo last week while visiting the kangaroos. I need to find at least one more so I don’t end on an unlucky number though.
Despite the 13 four leaf clovers I think I’m going to give the majority of the credit to God. I don’t want to risk making him mad.
Remind me to tell you tomorrow about the spinning I did today.


2 thoughts on “The Luck of the Irish”

  1. hesira

    Hi! I found you at Tricotine’s blog. We have at least 2 things in common, we both knit, and we both find 4 leafers. Somewhere on my blog are pictures of 2 that I found this year. I’ve been finding them all my life, mostly without looking for them.

    Congrats on the Best New Knitting Blog!

  2. jessie

    Congratulations on your win and your luck!

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