This Is The Last One I Promise

So far two Rhinebeck posts and I’m still not done with Saturday. This is also where the picture thing gets stupid . Here are the last three pictures I have to show you. I love this Alpaca guy. I love that he’s chewing on straw. Probably seen a farmer doing it and thought it looked cool. Cute.

The obligatory sheep picture. I cannot for the life of me remember which breed this one is. I love the face.

So, on Saturday I met a gabillion people and most of them I didn’t write down so now I have lost all of the information that I thought was so safely in my head.

theere was Sandy, Norma, Leigh (who wasn’t playing and I can’t remember any blog info), and Paula.

Also, there was Jenny, Bethe – the hair wasn’t that awful, Jenna, Brooke, Isela, Karen, Judy, and Fuschia Lucia.

And then there was Iris, Diane, Deborah, Liz, …..

O.K. lets face it. If I keep typing these links I’ll have named almost everyone on the list Just go click on them all. They’re great. There were some people I did not meet and those were the two people who would have given me a bingo so I could get in on the prize drawings. The guy at this booth told me to just cheat a little. Can’t do it to Stitchy.

Saturday night after the Festival and after Morehouse we went back to our hotel and went to the courtyard to knit like we had planned. Well, I was spinning with the Little Gem I borrowed form the shop. A few people came out and sat with us and then a few more and it was a party. Lars was there, and Ed who gave me one of his own handspun wrist distaff, and Jim (I’m not sure if he has a blog), and Elizabeth and Diane and a really cute girl who I can’t remember the name of right now – please comment really cute girl – Really Cute Girl’s name is Carol from Go Knit in Your Hat . Thank you for commenting Really Cute Girl.
and a lady who just got her Robyn spinning wheel after a two year wait. I also can’t remember her name. Told ya I stink at names.
I helped this lady just a tiny bit. She’s a very new spinner. I can’t believe she was willing to wait two years to start spinning. Amazing. Well she had gotten some fiber that day and was ready. I watched her a little bit. Told her some little things she could change and by the end of the evening she was spinning a pretty even thread. She’s a natural. The whole experience also gave a boost to my teaching confidence since…. did I mention I’m getting my own spinning store?

Sunday was more of the same loveliness except that I forgot to put the memory card in my camera. All of the pictures I took of Galina, of the Merino wool lady from Ewe and Me Merinos, of the jugglers and the girl who got her sweater designs picked up by Nordstrom. All gone. I feel like crap about it but take my word for it. It was great fun. I want you all to come with me next year again. I have to start planning my next shawl though.
O.K. I hafta get going. We need to get on the road and I need a hot chocolate in the worst way. It looks like Rain all the way if we go through Canada and snow if we go through Ohio. I’m choosing Canada. I hope they aren’t concerned about the amount of stuff in our car.


6 thoughts on “This Is The Last One I Promise”

  1. Carol

    Clearly I was the very cute girl you met Saturday night! (I’m being sarcastic.) I’m the one who discovered that I had sold you yarn at Rosie’s Yarn Cellar earlier this year. Great posts & great photos, too!

  2. Kate A.

    I am so in love with that alpaca. Really. The sheep ain’t bad either.




    And I haven’t even seen what you bought yet.

    And no, I did NOT miss that reference at the end to “all the stuff in the car.”

    PS: Teach me to spin! Pretty please!

  3. LizKnits

    Fabulous pictures… thanks for sharing so those of us who couldn’t attend can get a taste!

  4. hesira

    I really enjoyed your road trip via your blog. Great pics and stories. Wish I could have gone.

  5. lorinda

    Your own store is so cool! Put a big old picture of that alpaca in it. Too cute.

  6. Norskybear

    It was great to meet you, Beth, and I was so happy that you won Best in Show with that beautiful shawl. (Who do you want to play you in Best in Show 2?) Sara was the absolute best! Please tell her that I had a great time dishing with her.

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