This Movie is a Giant Lying Jerkface!

The [perfect fress for me
The [perfect fress for me

So I’m watching a Hallmark Movie. I love them. I watch dozens of them every holiday season. Yes, I know it’s January but I recorded a ton of them and so I’m just watching them all. It’s a nice realxing thing to do at the end of the day.

In this one there is a holiday ball that the girl knows nothing about. The handsome guy shops for her in the afternoon and buys dresses in multiple sizes and shoes to go with them in multiple sizes. This is the actual afternoon of the ball.

Party time comes and down the winding staircase comes the beautiful girl in a red, floorlength strapless gown. The gown fits her perfectly. It fits like it was made for her. The perfect length, the top of the dress is not bulging out, the waist is the perfect fit. Now if you have ever worn a strapless gown you know that the fit has to be good or you spend the entire event pulling it up to avoid unwanted exposure. She walked down the stairs and adjusted that dress not one time.

No wonder we think our bodies are not perfect. There is no way any woman can go into a shop and buy a dress that fits perfectly in every spot. Even the length!

Did you ever watch that show called What Not to Wear? The thing they told every person who was on that show was that everybody needs a good dressmaker or tailor in their life. You don’t need to buy expensive clothes in order to have alterations done. Even if the clothes come from a discount store a little bit of an extra investment in fitting will help the garment look marvelous.

I know it’s hard to pay $20 to get a pair of pants or a skirt hemmed that you paid almost that much for but take my word for it, a nip at the waist, the perfect length can do wonders for how you feel in your clothes. And that’s what this is all about. How you feel. When you look better, you feel better. When your clothes fit well you are more comfortable which increases your comfort and then we are back to feeling good in your clothes.

If you live within driving distance of Howell, MI maybe I can be your person to help you feel marvelous every day and not just on special occasions. If you aren’t close enough to hire my services I am sure there is someone close to you who would be happy to help.

And just one more thing. Please don’t get offended by what it costs if your person does a good job. Alterations are actually more difficult in some cases than making a dress from scratch and so there are years of practice and learning that go in before someone feels comfortable enough to take you on as a client. Not to mention expensive equipment that requires upkeep.


2 thoughts on “This Movie is a Giant Lying Jerkface!”

  1. Jennifer

    In one of Mindy Kaling’s books she espouses the value of having her clothes tailored to fit her body. And as a friend who works in the garment industry once told me, “There is nothing wrong with the shape of your body. What’s wrong is the fit of your clothes.”

    1. Beth

      Yes! I think we have gotten away from this, especially women when ready to wear is so accessible we feel like the studff should just fit us. The problem is it never will fit us right directly off the rack and then we feel bad about how we look. Tailporing is not just for rich people and most alterations people are not charging an arm and a leg for their work.

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