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Crazy week trying to get back in the swing of things. Brittney had her last week here and left to supposedly go back to school on Friday. Evidently they never left and she’s still in the state due to last minute repairs on the car they are supposed to drive 2000 miles in. I guess it’s god they got it checked out. Also, on Friday, Brittney got her driver’s license. Yup. License on Friday drive across the US the next day. What can I do? I’m only the mother and she’s technically and adult now – though I still see that 16 year old. It’s a mom thing I’m sure.
So with some encouragement from Erica I started a new shawl. I’ve been a little stalled lately. Lots of yarn I want to use and lots of patterns I want to try but I’m feeling a little unsure of myself in the knitting department lately. My gauge is way off, I can’t tell if the yarn will work with the pattern and I’m too lazy to make a decent swatch. All of this equals nothing productive in the knitting department.
I had a skein of Briar Rose Angel Face Alpaca. I bought it last year before I even had the shop and have loved it and touched it a lot. It’s difficult to make a good lace project from a variegated yarn though and I’ve been a little skittish. Feather and Fan is a safe bet though and I love the Boegler one in Meg Swansen’s A Gathering of Lace. So I started with the suggested size 5 needles. NO WAY! way too big. It took me about 4 tries to get those 8 stitches cast on and started in the round and then out it came. I’m down to size 1 needles now and will keep it on the double points until I get to a size where I can switch to my 24″ Addi Lace needle. Then I’ll probably stay with that needle until the end if I can. My intention is to get this project done by SOAR. Hmmmmm. Think I can do it?

Those are just some pictures of the wheels in the shop. I had t move everyone around for the Galina workshop and so when they were all back in a nice little area I had to snap a few pictures.
Anyway, back to the shawl. I’m up to row 21 now on chart A. Woo, Hoo!


5 thoughts on “Too much stuff going on…”

  1. Dee

    The yarn color is beautiful. I can surely see why you like it so much.

  2. Scherzando


    I hear ya on the knitting thing. I was afraid I had lost my knitting mojo entirely, so I started a fairly basic (but not too boring) scarf.

    Quick question – (I figured you’re the best person to ask, since you have the store and everything!) How do you braid roving? Just rip it into chunks and braid? Or am I missing a trick?

  3. Gammy aka Peggy

    Love the yarn. How in the world do you live being around all that luscious yarn and fiber and wheels all the time? I’m afraid my ADD would kick in and I’d have to be tranquilized to get me to stop running from one thing to another.

  4. historicstitcher

    Nice pictures!

    Who’s this Erica chick? Or are spelling my name wrong again?


  5. Donna B

    Love those colors! We’ve been all about feather and fan at my house lately. And oh, the wheels! How long will it take you to get to SOAR? Cause we will be moving close to Bellaire. Trying to figure out how far I would have to go to get to your yummy shop….

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