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I would just like to say that I am averaging 2.6 pound per week so far. Now don’t get me wrong. I understand that as I get closer to my goal the weight loss will slow down and get a little harder. I’m savoring this for now. I’m not cheating so please don’t offer me any donuts. I paid for this program and I am going to do it.

I don’t have any new pictures of my weaving but there was an accident. I didn’t look hard enough at the pattern when I started weaving. The pattern started a partial repeat about 2/3 down the page. I was just weaving along and I had done maybe 5 repeats of the pattern as printed. While I was weaving I kept saying to myself, “Self, does something look a little off to you?” I never answered so I kept on going. On Monday when I went into the shop I laid on the floor under the loom and looked at what I had done – about 20 inches I think. I looked at the weaving and then at the pattern. Weaving then pattern. Weaving then pattern.
C -R – A – P
So I started weaving the pattern correctly. It looks beautiful – except for those first many inches. Betty came in (the weaving teacher). She overheard me talking to another student about it and said just keep going with the mistake. Too late, says I.
I figure I’ll wear the mistake part on my left shoulder and swing the correct part over the left shoulder – problem hidden. Chalk it up to a learning experience.
I’m maybe halfway done now. Hope to have it finished in another week so I started planning the next project. A huck lace shawl out of silk. I found my silk tonight and I may order it tomorrow.
Knitting wise I’m about 10 rows down on the Forest Path Stole. I think the yarn is going to work after all. I swatched with something thicker but didn’t love it.
And my last Secret Pal 9 package went out this morning. I hope she likes it. My pal was Kimberly. She was very fun to send stuff to. I think I’m going to sit out the next secret pal. I feel like I was always late because I’m currently other directed.
Anyhoo, I don’t have any pictures today and I really need to get some knitting and newsletter writing done.


4 thoughts on “Weaving and Such”

  1. AnneV

    Hihi, I hope this piece of information doesn’t distract you too much if you have work to do. The book you were looking for should still be available in a German internet shop: http://tinyurl.com/39669f

    It costs a bit under 20 USD + shipping. Should you have any trouble with the purchase, I’ll be glad to help. — I just heard a rumour that the publisher was working on an update of that book but whether that’s true or not, I really don’t know. The book itself looks a bit outdated but there are some unusual patterns in it, so I was happy with my purchase.

  2. somebunnysloveDOTcom

    Thank you for being my Spoiler! I really enjoyed everything you sent me, especially the yarn you spun. Hope to read more of your adventures in lace and spinning!

  3. Still Got the Answers at.......

    I want pics of you-so happy to hear about your weight loss–proud—now if I could do it-but I taste everything in the cafe!!!!!

    I love sticky buns-made shoo fly pie today—yummy memories

  4. Knitika

    I do that when I’m knitting, that “Self, does something look a little off?” And every time, EVERY TIME I fail to follow up on that, I regret it later. Good luck with the weaving!

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