Beth Smith

What do I believe about my business – and money

Because of the posts from earlier this week I felt it was only fair to those who regularly read my blog to follow through with the final 2 writing assignments from my coach. Actually, I think this might be the most difficult of the topics for me.

What I have been learning over the past few weeks is that your mindset/thoughts/beliefs have a huge impact on your life and the things that happen. I am believing it more and more because of the changes that have been happening since I have been focusing on changing how I think about myself.

I will be fully honest and say that I have believed for most of my life that life is scary and difficult and will always be that way. I have believed that anything I choose to do in life that is worthwhile including running a business will be hard and I will have to work work work to get to the place I want to be. Dan (my coach) asked me this past week aboout my previous business, The Spinning Loft, and how things went. he know that I had grown that business from something that was very tiny into a nationally known business that was selling more than $250,000 worth of product and services each year. I told him that I never took a pay check and that I was concerned about being able to pay all of the expenses every month regardless of how much I was selling.

My family (mom, aunts and uncles, grandparents) has always worked hard. I grew up in a working class family and for some reason even though Ialways had what I needed I built a mindset from a position of lack and scarcity. I am constantly worried about money and I frequently have feelings of self doubt and shame that I am not contributing more to my family regardless of how hard I work.

But here are the new thoughts based on what I have been learning recently. I am very good at what I do and as I do it more I will become even better and more and more people will want to work with me because more and more people will find out that the clothes I make are lovely, last a long time and make people feel awesome in them. Money is a funny thing. There is something about being grateful for what we have that increases and expands what we have. There is something about giving and sharing also that expands what we have. I this realization about gratitude is important right now because I wonder if my worry and concern over money is actually preventing me from being fully grateful because I am always afraid I’m going to lose it.

It’s funny because in my first writing assignment this week where I wrote about what I believe about myself I had a similar thought:

“If I diminish my accomplishments does that mean that I am at the same time being ungrateful to God for my talents and gifts?”

Now, do I think that gratitude is the one thing that will bring me to the doors of my goals? Of course not. There are a lot of people who have been very financially successful who I can’t imagine live in a place of gratitude. I do believe that gratitude and confidence helps though.

So I have been writing and thinking a few affirmations over the last week and when I started writing them they felt nice but now I think they are acttually true. (Affirmations are a new thing for me.) I’ll write them here so you know what I’m talking about. They are very simply worded because that’s how I speak and it feels wrong if I use more flowery language. I actually have 4.

My success is assured. I am a creator. I am worthy of every blessing. I have plenty.

Honestly, I think those 4 things are pretty universal so feel free to use them! I write each one 9 times per day and if I start having self doubt or i start with the negative talk I am now aware and bring one of these out to tell myself.

I am super ready for this. I have big dreams and now my thoughts are beginning to align with my dreams to the point where I am not ashamed to talk about them and that I can envision it all.

My last assignment for this week is to write about my business and what I want to make of it. I have several short term goals and some long ones too. My next appointment with Dan is on Tuesday so I have only a couple of days to get that next thing done. I’ll probably put it right here on this blog so you can see it and I can easily come back to it in a year and see how much of it I have accomplished.

Thank you for coming along on this ride with me. Leave me a comment and let me know if you use affirmations in your life and what results you have seen from that.

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