What’s been going on around here.

So the last 9 days have been pretty exciting around here. I’m not sure if exciting is the right word but we’ll go with it for now.

Some of you follow me on Twitter or Facebook and so have gotten little snippets of things but I haven’t gone into detail. I’ve also not been answering email in the way that I like to. Which means I like to get back to people within a day and give good detail with my answers. Also I’m sure you are curious about the last bits of time because things haven’t been “right” around here.

I’m going to tell you now that things seem to be better and so you, my friends, don’t have to be worried anymore. I am thankful for all of your good thoughts and prayers.

I may get in trouble with my darling for this but I’m doing it anyway.

So Lou’s birthday was on Monday the 9th. We had a lovely dinner with the family, came home and had birthday cake and just relaxed for the evening.  Around 1:30 AM Lou was having terrible pains in his stomach. So bad he was laying all curled up. Next thing I know he passed out and fell in the bathroom which is when I decided I should probably get him to the hospital.

Many people came into our house that night including Police officers, Fire Fighters and Paramedics.

Lou was taken to the local hospital where they got him stable, did some tests and decided to send him to a larger hospital in Ann Arbor where they did more tests and he spent a comfortable and wonderful 5 days. (I’m kidding about the comfortable and wonderful) Turns out he had had a heart attack.

He came home on Friday afternoon, and Saturday was uneventful.

Sunday he wasn’t feeling well. Monday morning around 4AM we decided he should go back to the hospital where they were very worried about him again. This time he got a helicopter ride to Ann Arbor. (I wonder how much that will cost.)

He got stabilized and they watched over him for two days. This time looks like a combination of an infection and some unwanted side affects of a couple of his new medications. Things seem better. He looks much better. He’s home now.

He will be taking some time off of work and not shoveling snow for a while. I am trying to stop worrying and get back to work.

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that things are better and I will work on getting caught up with all of the work I let slide in the last 9 days.

In other news, I did get some spinning and knitting done in the hospital so that’s good!

Also, those little chair/beds they have there are not comfortable. And, hospital pillows suck.



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  1. Oh, goodness–how scary! Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way…

  2. I’d hug you but, after what you’ve been going through, I think a soothing neck massage would make you feel better.

  3. regina

    Oh, my gosh: that sounds so frightening. Thank goodness he’s on the mend! Sending you all good thoughts and a big hug. I hope your husband’s recovery is swift and complete, and that you have people you can lean on to help get you all though this tough time.

  4. Oh, wow. That’s way too much excitement. Lou needs to be healthy and home. I am glad he is home, and trust he is getting healthy. I’m very, very glad that you have good emergency services. Wow again. LUCKY and THRILLED that he is still with us. You betcha. (The Norwegian strain sometimes comes out once the emergency has passed.)

    Yes, knitting and spinning are very helpful in hospitals. I spent a Christmas holiday (not this recent one) in a hospital watching a close member of the family (three of us did 24-hour rotations staying there). You’re also right about the pillows/chairs/other places to sit/half-lie-down/etc. in hospitals. This recent one I only spent about 7 hours in the ER with a relative.

    Much empathy. Welcome home. Whew. Thanks for the details.

  5. Erin

    What a wild ride – I hope things remain on an even keel, sounds like horribly scary stuff! Sending good mojo your way, may this be the worst that 2012 has in store for you & yours!

  6. michelle

    Wow! Geeze…hopefully now all is well – it must have all seemed so scary. Will be thinking of you all.

  7. Yikes! I’m sorry, Beth, that you and he have to go through this. Glad you are in a major medical center.

  8. Marilyn van Keppel

    Wow, Beth, you and Lou certainly started the New Year with a bang (or was it a whimper??) I hope January birthdays don’t bring on heart attacks very often (although I did eat a year’s worth of ice cream and cake yesterday). Glad Lou is home again and recuperating nicely. And don’t you try to shovel that walk!!

  9. mugsie

    So sad to hear about your family’s distressing experience. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  10. karen

    OMG~that was HORRIBLE. For ALL of you!
    I’m glad LouSmith is finally feeling somewhat better.
    I spent 23 days in the hospital almost 2 years ago and the *real* beds aren’t that comfortable either. 😉
    The helicopter ride? A’int cheap. 🙁

  11. I’m so sorry you are both having to go through this. But – it is nearly five years since Pete had his heart attack, and he is doing very, very well. You really wouldn’t know. This is one area where the medics do seem to know what they are doing!

    Just remember to take care of yourself as well. It can be a bit of a bumpy ride for the ride-sharer as well. Ask me how I know!!

  12. Greg

    Beth—thinking of you and yours. Hope all is/will be well very soon.

  13. Pat Davis

    I’m so glad he is in the recuperation stage. What an awful experience for both of you and the rest of your family. I know it’s not easy for a man to have a major health issue, especially dealing with the heart. It is also difficult for the wife (you)! I was there in 2005. I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  14. Hi Beth,

    I had no idea all this was happening. I hope Lou is now recovering and feeling better. No shovelling snow for him at all. Pay some young teenager a few bucks to shovel snow.

    I hope you are feeling better too. I guess I have been neglectful in not keeping in touch. I am available to you anytime.

    Prayers, love and hugs for Lou, you, and family.

    Cynthia Decker

    1. Beth

      Don’t worry Cyndi. I thought of calling you a couple of times but then…never did. Thank you so much for caring for us.

  15. sarah

    Oh. Wow. Exciting in a bad way: scary. I hope Lou continues to improve, and that you and yours have a happy 2012 with no more bad excitement!

  16. Mary Portalski

    Thoughts and prayers for your husbands continued improvement. I will keep you, your family and husband in my thoughts in the days ahead.

  17. Thoughts and prayers for your family. I cannot imagine anything so scary as what you have been through!


  18. Carol Densmore

    So sorry to hear about what happened. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  19. Meg Caulmare

    I join in sending good energy, good wishes, and healing for both of you! Don’t be alarmed if meds take a while to balance out, or if they need to be changed. Doctors have a huge repertoire to call on now, and everything they do will be in Lou’s best interests.

    And Bless your local responders for turning out in force! All services out in my neck of the woods are volunteer, and they are brilliant. They’re dedicated to the best care they can give. They’re well-trained and brave.

    Try to get some rest and try to relax. Remember Blogs are terrific for asking for help. Let your community know what you need, including quiet time and space. My best wishes to you and all of yours.

    1. Beth

      Thank you so much for your encouraging words,Meg. Things are looking up!

  20. Ercil

    You have both been in my prayers and I am happy he is doing much better. The enormity of this beyond words. I know you both have been through so much. You are one of the people I admire most. You’ve done an amazing job through all of this. Sending you love and hugs! Ercil

    1. Beth

      Thank you so much Ercil! It’s always something. I think we just move from one thing to the next. Always thinking things will get better but always finding things that will make us better instead.

  21. RustyHart

    Hi Beth…..I hope all is better this coming month. One of my favorite Scottish Blackface ewes has made it into the “Backyard Herds” group 2012 Calendar….she’s on the month of September…..you have her 2011 fleece. Most of the ewes will start lambing the middle of April…my best to you and your staff. I would so like to continue my “Dahlia” conversation with the couple that picked up the wool this last Fall…do they have an e-mail address available? They were such nice folks and very interesting to talk with. Keep me posted, Rusty Hart (Irish Acres)

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