What’s the Difference between a Full & Half Circle Skirt


In a nut shell a full circle skirt is basically a big circle of fabric with a hole in the middle where your waist goes. It is flat at the waist band and very full around the bottom. A full circle skirt requires a lot of fabric but they are super twirly and fun.

A half circle skirt is really just that. To make one you could cut a half circle and sew one seam and you have a skirt.

It’s funny to say but I’m having a hard time putting it into words so let me just show you with pictures.

Half Circle Skirt

If you love a narrower skirt with less fulness then a half circle skirt is right for you. You can order one of your very own by choosing the Custom Skirt option in the wrap style or the other styles available.

3/4 Circle Skirt

The 3/4 circle skirt is that midpoint where you can have a slightly slimmer hem but still have that swingy flirty skirt you love. This particular skirt is still available in size medium which fits waists from 30 to 36inches. You can see it here.

Full Circle Skirt

And finally, my favorite. I love a lot of fullness in my skirt. I love the feeling of extra twirliness and that swing when I walk.

The Copper Taffeta fabric is still in stock if you love that embroidered look. But if you want something one of a kind designed just for you reserve your custom skirt spot today and we can get to work on it!


4 thoughts on “What’s the Difference between a Full & Half Circle Skirt”

  1. Sarah

    Thank you! Have you by chance seen the Encanto Disney movie? I’m trying to decide if Maribel’s skirt is closer to a full circle or maybe 3/4?

    1. Beth

      I was looking at that too and I wonder if the top tier is more of a half circle. I’m not sure. I might do a sample on my half scale model and see what it looks like. I love that outfit so much!

      1. Sarah

        If you think of posting the result, I’d love to hear about it. Maribel’s is an amazing outfit 🙂

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