Where Have I Been, You Ask?

I’ll tell you in a minute but first…here’s Lisa. She is my hero and my lifesaver. She has been helping me at the shop for many months and has just taken over the job of filling up the webshop. I love her. She is doing it faster than I ever could have and the photos are beautiful and the descriptions are lovely. Blog love to Saint Lisa.
So I came home from the shop on Wednesday night. (Lou had taken the kids to visit the parents and I was home by myself and was having a very difficult week.) When I drove up to the house I saw this. It’s a “heart attack”. The the little girls from church had a day camp with a pioneer theme. Maggie and I went to teach them all to spin on low whorl spindles. It was great fun and many of them took right to it. So they came to thank me.
These are the hearts that were in the planters and shrubs and yard. I cried. In a happy thankful way.
So, right now I’m at Abby’s house along with Jillian and Denny and I have no photos other than the mess we made of Abby’s living room. There are 5 wheels in this picture alone.
So we are eating fab food made by the Mr of the Abby and we are spinning and I’m hoping for some ice cream…
And when I get back there is a box with about 4 pounds of Abby dyed silk that Saint Lisa will be adding to the webstore.

Back to fooling around now.


2 thoughts on “Where Have I Been, You Ask?”

  1. Firefly Nights

    What a sweet way to thank you.

  2. Kat

    I am jealous of your Abby Trip! Thanks for teasing us all with the photos of your fun!!

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