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When I was in Pennsylvania last time my mom and I and my sister-in-law, Marlene, stopped in a yarn shop. It was in the Kitchen Kettle Village if you are interested. There are lots of nice little shops there. The yarn store was called Lancaster Yarn Shop. They had some local wool to spin as well as local yarns to knit or crochet. My mom chose a ball of yarn and a pattern while we were there. I promised to make it before we return. Well, that’s next week.

So I started knitting a little less than a month ago.

I finished this morning.


Well, I still have to weave in the ends and block it but the knitting is finished.

Here’s what I learned.

My friends always tease me about how I often spin white yarn. They get bored. They don’t love it. I have never denied that I like white yarn. As I was knitting this though, I realized that that love goes very deep. I would look forward to reaching the white stripes. I would get excited when I could see the color fading away. I was sorry when the white was over.

Grey doesn’t count. I like white. I’m not ashamed. I look forward to starting my next white sweater.


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