Who Loves a Party?


Remember Tupperware Parties? How about Longaberger Basket Parties? Or Pampered Chef? Actually Longaberger and Pampered Chef might still be a thing. I’m not sure. But I had a great idea! What about a skirt party with me?

Picture this!

I show up to your house or venue with my giant skirt and dress collection as well as an enormous amount of fabrics to choose from and even my most favorite crinolines so you can get the full effect. I bring the racks and hangers and everything we need to have one big trying on party in your home with your friends. Anybody who falls in love can order a skirt and get measured by me right then and there.

Think of it as a big shopping trip right in the comfort of your home.

What do you think? If you are interested in planning a time for a super fun party like this send me an email at bethsmithpink @ gmail.com and we can get to work on it!


2 thoughts on “Who Loves a Party?”

  1. I love a party and a skirt party sounds GRAND!! I will love to host one when I’m domestic. I’ll invite my friends and acquaintances of every age and size and tell them to wear T-shirts and bring flats and heels. I’ll serve a delightful spread of seasonal fare with flavoured fizzy water. I’ll pull mirrors from every place I can and i will depend on you to beautifully dress the town in your lovely custom made skirts and dresses. YES. I. LOVE. A. PART!

  2. Darleen R Ashworth

    Love this!!Try it out and see what happens!!Squee!!

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