Yard Sales, eBay and Other Scary Stuff

I’m going to spare you the Lily update pictures. I will just tell you that I have less than 45 stitches to decrease before I can finish the final corner and graft and be finished. I hope that will be taking place later this week. I have a yard sale to prepare for. I need some little tags and I need the rain to stop so the little tags will stick. I need to make a lot of money because this is how I plan to pay for Rhinebeck.

Do you think I can make like a thousand dollars with about 50 dollars worth of stuff?

I also put some Philosophy stuff on eBay. I’m hoping that goes for way over retail and then everybody kicks in a few more sympathy dollars.

O.K. not likely but don’t forget that I have found 13 four leaf clovers this year. That luck has to still be lingering around. How long does four leaf clover luck last?

Anyway… I’ve been practicing some spinning of thicker yarns and I took a picture of it on Monday but I didn’t have the memory card in the camera. Maybe my luck has run out.

I also have been practicing spinning on my Russian support spindles. Here’s what that looks like:

Not bad. I think I need to practice a little more and then comes the plying. scary!


1 thought on “Yard Sales, eBay and Other Scary Stuff”

  1. Kate A.

    Those spindles are so gorgeous, and so is the yarn you’re producing! I’ve not yet gotten anything but nasty unintentional thick-n-thin.

    Good luck with that yard sale – I suppose it’s too late now, but what about working up a bunch of super-quick hats and scarves in bulky Lion Brand yarn and selling them for 20 bucks a pop? I see it on the street in NY all the time, and people *buy* them….

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