Yes, I Am Bragging a Little

I have looked at Amazon rankings for books in the past. They’ve never been for a book that I wrote because, well, I only have one book and it just came out. So now I’ve been checking the Amazon Ranking for The Spinner’s Book of Fleece…because I’m a curious girl. I looked on Friday and I had a proud moment!

Screenshot 2014-08-15 20.55.01

There’s my book!, Number 1 in Weaving!

Screenshot 2014-08-15 20.55.34

And there it is again! Number 5 in Knitting!

OK. Don’t ask me about the Spinning Category. It’s not ranked at all in Spinning. I don’t know if they didn’t put it in the spinning category or what but we are just overlooking that for now.


5 thoughts on “Yes, I Am Bragging a Little”

  1. Well done. Spotted the Cascade 60 Quick Luxury Knits on the knitting list too. It has my shawl on the cover. How do you search rankings on Amazon? I can’t work it out. Off to take a closer look at your book.

  2. AsKatKnits

    Yay!!! The book is awesome as are you!

  3. Julie Anne Nutt

    I am reading your book now and it is GREAT!!!

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