You Wanted More?

Here’s Stephanie in the fabulous shawl. She was molested at every turn – even by me. Although no physical touching took place. It was that shawl I tell ya.
Sara and Kelle. Waiting in line for that yummy pot pie.
Melanie Falick at Morehouse Merinos Oh, didn’t I tell ya about that? After we left the festival we went on over there. Book signings. Snacks. Guests with starlike qualities. Stephanie was there too. I think she was stalking me. She just didn’t talk to me because she was being all stealth about it.
Debbie Stoller. You all have her books right?
Betty Christiansen. She has a new book. Knitting for Peace. It’s a lovely little book about charity knitting with patterns and addresses and everything.
Margaret Morehouse. Lovely woman. She tries to make everyone feel at home. I hope I am half the hostess she is.
Back there in the middle of the picture with the blue – sitting down is Amy Singer, you know, from Knitty. Right behind her is somebody Harlotty – in a good way.

This is Jillian. She is definitely rock star material. I was amazed that with all of the knitting celebrities in the room she was the one surrounded and smiling all the while. Quite cute I think.

I have to tell you that I met so many others. I have a couple more pictures and then I’m going to tell you all of the names I met but with no pictures because I begin to get all overwhelmed and forget about the photos. I also will be posting the stash enhancement. I still have so much to tell. All of this posting may not take place tomorrow. We still have another nine hours to drive tomorrow and then I probably need to visit with the fam.

We’re at the Fairfield Inn tonight if anyone’s interested. I have no window views for you because it was dark when we got here.


4 thoughts on “You Wanted More?”

  1. Carol

    Did you know that Stephane is talking to Tara Jon Manning in that photo?

    Your new fan,
    Ed and Lars and Jim’s friend from the Holiday Inn

  2. --Deb

    Book signing? How did I completely miss the fact that there was a book signing??

    (And, that’s my back in the background of the picture of Stephanie . . . so near to greatness . . . (grin).)

  3. Kate A.

    Gaaaaaaahhhhh! I’m speechless.

    More. When you can.

  4. Stephanie

    I can’t believe you noticed me stalking you. I was trying to be so subtle.

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